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"It has been my joy and privilege to work with Thomas Barksdale in two
different school systems over the past five years.  Young people often
times look to celebrities, professional athletes, and musicians when
trying to find a hero to emulate.  The students I have seen Brother
Thomas work with have found a hero greater than any of these.  Thomas
brings passion, caring, unbelievable enthusiasm, a believable story, and
positive vibes to all of the students he encounters.  The impressions he
makes on students are lasting.  Thomas becomes entrenched in students
lives and doesn't run away when the going gets tough.  His commitment to
the kids he serves perseveres through the most difficult of times.
Thomas also has an ability to work with school faculties that is
inspiring, enlightening, and non-threatening.  Staff members go away
from Thomas's training sessions with a renewed spirit and practical
interventions, strategies, and techniques they can take back with them
to the classroom."
- Charles Ferrell, Riverwood Middle- Assistant Principal.

Thomas Barksdale has been very influential to the growth and development of the lives of many young people. I have personally witnessed his heartfelt passion, dedication, and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of young people since the year 2000. I have not only witnessed Thomas teaching character, I have watched him practice character within his personal life.

- Kelvin L. Thompson (Pastor, Author, Educational Consultant)

"Mr. Thomas has inspired me to make my life worth something. He has also reinforced my aspirations for life."
- Sixteen year old student

"You are a great speaker, I enjoyed your speech. You help me determine my own outcomes."
- Student

"I would recommend this program to every man whether they consider themselves successful or not. This program was uplifting for me. It made me feel good about myself, and it taught me that there is no such thing as failure, there are only learning experiences. I think these sessions would be beneficial to every man."
- Manhood Training Participant

"I would suggest this training to any person who has a thirst for knowledge, and leader or potential leader, business owner, any open minded person,anyone who has low self-image and anyone with a superficial high self-image. Anyone. My mom, dad, my teachers, my preacher, youth etc.."
- College Student

"Please speak like this everywhere and all over."
- High School Junior

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