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The Barksdale Foundation has established a partnership with W. Brower and Associates to offer four comprehensive packaged educational programs.

Step-Upp - 9 to 10 Week Social and Emotional Development Training (Ages 14-22) SUCCESS THROUGH EFFECTIVE PARTICPATION UTILIZING POSITIVE POTENTIAL (STEP-UPP)

The STEP-UPP Program is a nine-week, two-hours-per-week process initially designed to address specific needs of at-risk Junior High School boys. However, the training has been modified to meet the needs of all at-risk students, including young women. The time is modifiable to conform to specific requirements. Designed to help students achieve personal mastery by examining and eliminating self-defeating behaviors, the process incorporates numerous activities and tools to assist them in their emotional and social growth and development. While there is no specific emphasis on cognitive growth and development, there is a module on The Elements of Academic Success. Experience shows that there is a strong link between healthy and wholesome emotional and social growth and development and academic achievement.

The STEP-UPP Program is designed to accommodate 20-25 participants per session, and to be facilitated in a setting where each person will feel psychologically safe to explore her/his beliefs, feelings, values, etc.; and in an environment in which each participant can accept and learn personal responsibility for her/his behavior and to discover the power within to change and control outcomes. There is strong emphasis on personal goal setting and preparation for success. As a means to develop internal expertise, facilitators can be trained in the use of the tools and the facilitation of the group activities. A comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide will be provided to individuals who satisfactorily complete the facilitator training.

Drop-Out Prevention - One-Day Workshop/Conflict Resolution

It is imperative to allow students the understanding and practical challenges when students drop-out. This student training is design to spend consistent weeks with students to influence academic gains and self-worth. In this program we strive to impart motivation and effort in students that increases the probability of students remaining in school. We look at decision making and choices within the school walls. We also allow students to vent to trusting adults about their concerns, fears, and emotions regarding their lives.

With teachers and other caring adults this training is a one or two day training discussing the root causes of student drop-outs. We look at the powerful trends in youth development while seeking to understand the pathologies that young people are plagued with. This seminar is for all who struggle with motivating students to remain and learn in school.

Communication Building - "What You Said Is Not What I Heard."

An optional four-hour to eight-hour course which examines some of the problems associated with miscommunicating within and across cultures.

Participants will:

Some expected outcomes are that participants will become more sensitive to how and what they
communicate; learn how their communications style may be creating conflict; and determine
which communications may be enhancing or diminishing organizational effectiveness.
The seminar is highly interactive, thought-provoking and fun; and is limited to 25 participants.

Teacher As Manager Staff Development - One-Day Workshop for Teachers and Principals

The Teacher As Manager is a one-day seminar whose objectives are to:

The primary emphasis is on managing the learning process. While the seminar is designed
specifically for elementary and junior high school teachers, any teacher would benefit from the
issues and solutions discussed, and from the concepts and ideas presented. Incorporating
simulation exercises, small group discussions, assessments, and lecturettes, the seminar provides
and opportunity to experience the worlds of the learner and the teacher.

***Seminars are restricted to 25 participants. Arrangements can be made to train guidance counselors
or other school personnel to use the materials.***

It's All About You: A Young Adult's Guide to Positive Living

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