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It's All About You: A Young Adult's Guide to Positive Living

"Its All About You teaches youth in a conversational tone that the choices they make while growing up have a long lasting effect. The topics covered provide realistic examples and solutions to many of the the problems that young people face today. At its core, this book is about preparation and follow-through. With poignant stories, Barksdale shows readers how to grow through difficulties, fears, and struggles."
- Betsy Peoples, Emerge Magazine

"This book made me feel as though I can do well in my life by applying effort. I think that for others who also feel they are wandering in life, this books will bring direction." Phillip Davis, 9th Grade Student "This book is the ultimate guide for today's black youths' passage though adolescence effectively . . . and it will also aid parents in their journey with their children."
- Linda M. Davis, A concerned Parent

It’s All About is a treasure!! I thoroughly enjoyed every single page, and it made me feel as though I need to live a long time so that I can continue to stay committed to the success of youth. This book is full of gifted wisdom and knowledge; definitely a keepsake.
- Charlotte Neely Coastal Community Action

It’s All About You is a powerful book which tells the importance of making the right decisions in life and how to learn and grow from your fears and difficulties. I feel that this book not only encouraged me to keep doing my best, but to also encourage others to strive to do their best. I learned three very important things while reading this book: to always-think positive, how mot to accept defeat, and how to deal with daily struggles in life.
- Kenya McNair Student

It’s All About You is effective in explaining to youth many different aspects of life that they may not be able to understand on their own. Much of the book’s effectiveness comes from the author’s description of his own childhood experiences. This book has personally opened up my eyes to understand many things that have gone on in my childhood that still somewhat hinder me today. Thanks Thomas.
- Steve Harrington College Student

It's All About You: A Young Adult's Guide to Positive Living

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